Get Moving, Let's Make A Deal - Walk

Let’s Make a Deal

So … last night at my Weight Watchers meeting, my leader challenged us to make a deal with ourselves — to get real about what got us here in the first place, and then address it. To push ourselves further than we thought we could go. I’ve been doing pretty well eating on program, especially since I came home from Florida, but the getting up and moving part is my biggest problem.

Ergo, that’s my challenge to myself. I’m going to walk 2 miles every week for the next six months. My original idea was to walk from my house to my daughter’s house in Florida, but at 2 miles a week that will take me a lifetime.

So instead, I think I’m just going to walk to Yellowstone National Park first. Here’s the route I’m planning to take, and I’ll update my progress as we go.

So to begin, here are the two miles I plan to walk this week:

and here’s what I’m looking at today as I walk:

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