Getting Real

Pushing the Reset Button

I’m pushing the reset button today. I don’t know what’s happened to me in the past few weeks (months) but I’ve gotten lazy. No real activity to speak of — can’t seem to decide whether I’m more miserable walking in the mornings or the evenings, and God forbid I should get my fat ass off the chair and do anything like exercise during the day. I haven’t been tracking like I should, and I’ve been going over points by a little bit every day, I’m sure. Not bad. I’m not swallowing bags of potato chips and drowning them in dip first. I’m not sneaking Snickers bars or hiding Heath bars in my purse. I’m just eating a few more 2-point popsicles than I should. Forgetting to track that bag of popcorn … you know. Just lazy.

Our WW leader, the wonderful Janece, is leaving us to do something else. I say good for her! Really! I’m sad that she’s leaving because I think she’s great. And I’ll be forever grateful for what she’s done to help us along in the past few months. But she has to do what’s best for her and her family, and I want her to do that. Really, I do. Besides, she’s so wild and wonderful and enthusiastic and energetic and full of life, it would be very easy to use her as a crutch.

Whatever I do, I have to find it inside myself, or it will never work.

So today’s the day. The reset button has been pushed.

Oh — up .2 last night. Up the previous week. See? it’s time.

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