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Happy Birthday Vanessa!

I’m celebrating one of my favorite days of the year today. It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday. Vanessa was born 23 years ago today, when I was just a slip of a girl. Yeah. That’s right. You heard me.  Anyway, she burst into the world with her own mind. She knew what she wanted, and she knew how to get it. She was only hours old when the nurses brought her to me in my hospital room and told me I had to keep her with me because she wouldn’t stop crying in the nursery and she was keeping all the other babies awake.

As long as Vanessa was in my room with me, she was quiet and happy. The minute the nurses wheeled her away, she started screaming again, so they only kept her for a few minutes at a time.  

She was a happy little girl, but even at the tender age of 3 or so, she had ideas about what I could and couldn’t do to her hair and how I was supposed to dress her. By the time she started kindergarten, my days of picking out her clothes and doing her hair were over.Check out this outfit, and you can see why!  I’m just going to let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

I love you, Vanessa. It’s an honor and a joy to be your mother.
from the blog Waxing the Turtle

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