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Happy Birthday Abigail!

Three years ago today, an incredible young lady came into my life and turned me from an ordinary mom into someone quite extraordinary. Everything changed in a heartbeat from the minute Vanessa told me that a baby was on its way to join our family. If you ask Abigail today what Ooma said when I found out she was coming, she’ll tell you I said, “Yippee!!!!” And I’m still saying it.

Abigail made us all stronger, better, and wiser — a pretty daunting task for someone who weighed less than 3 pounds.

 Look at the size of her hand on her dad’s finger. It still boggles my mind when I think how small and sick she was then.

She was pretty robust by the time Mom and Dad snapped this picture of her. Still in the NICU, but doing pretty well.


Thank you for coming to be part of our family, Abigail. I love you to pieces!!!!


from the blog Waxing the Turtle

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