Florida or Bust, Struggles

Counting Down …. 9 Days to Go

As you probably all know by now, we’ve made the decision to move to Florida. It’s a no-brainer in some ways — the chance to be closer to Vanessa, Ian and the kids. The chance to have a fresh start. I’m almost giddy over the chance to leave behind the most painful memories of my life, but I’m also really sad about leaving some really good memories, too. Still and all, the painful memories have been so hard, they overshadow the good ones, no matter much time goes by. I have to admit that the thought of being able to walk into a grocery store without first calculating the safety risk is a heady one.

The move also means giving up our great Thursday night Weight Watchers group, which isn’t so easy. Meeting with people who are on the same journey, who get what you’re going through, who fight the same battles is empowering. We’ve been meeting with these people for 10 months now, and leaving them is tough.

Even harder this week was saying a temporary good-bye to my sister and my niece, Heidi. I know it won’t be the last time I see either of them, and we don’t actually see each other that often now, but the possibility is always there, you know? I could get in the car and be at my sister’s house in 20 minutes, traffic willing. After next week, I won’t be able to do that. I call a mandatory family reunion at Disney World when Lorelei, Dylan, and Claytor (who is an adorable little boy!!! and who is obviously a genius because he smiled at me — twice!) are just a smidgen older!

The points counting and tracking has fallen by the wayside as both Val and I have worked all day and packed in the evenings. I had one really off-program day last weekend, but otherwise, I’m at least eating good stuff, even if I haven’t been actively tracking it. I think it’s against the law to be fat in Florida, though, so I’m counting that the motivation will kick into high gear once we get down there.

Working on catching up with the housework that, again, had to be put on hold while I met a deadline, but a proposal for a new mystery series is on my editor’s desk as of early yesterday morning, so I’m crossing fingers that the Powers That Be will give me the thumbs up soon!

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