Today is the Lord’s Day

Since we moved to Florida, life’s been both exceptionally sweet and exceptionally hard. There’s been no middle ground. I’m either overwhelmed by the joy of being with both of my kids and grandkids, or by the difficulty of living in someone else’s house, or by the depths of depression, either my own or someone else’s. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I’m still convinced it’s the ride I’m supposed to be on.

Life without money is tough. Life without a place to call your own is tough. It’s difficult finding a moment quiet enough to concentrate in this house, but I love the sounds of my grandkids playing contentedly and I love, love, love strengthening my relationships with them.

It’s hard watching Valerie in her job search. As a mother, I want desperately for the way to be made clear for her. I don’t like it when she hurts, and I want to take the pain away. As a daughter of God, I know that it’s the times when we hurt that we grow the most, and I don’t want to short-change her in her experience.

For the past two days, I’ve been overwhelmed by the urge to dedicate each day to the Lord, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do that. Is there something special I’m supposed to do, or is it simply a matter of remembering the Lord as I wake up and again before I go to sleep? Of dedicating every good thing I did in the day to Him and accepting ownership for the places I fell short?

So today I try again. Today is the Lord’s Day. I dedicate this day to You. Lead me where you want me to go.

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