Anatomy of a Sleepover


7:00 pm Mo and Dad drop the girls off for a sleepover.

7:30 pm Ooma and Auntie Val get bright idea to take kids to live nativity where freakishly arctic air combined with lack of coats for kids makes us realize that it wasn’t the brightest idea we’ve ever had. Great live nativity, though!

9:00 pm return home

9:03 pm Abigail begins to worry that Sparkle Bow, resident Elf on a Shelf, won’t be able to find her at Ooma’s house.

9:30 pm Coax kids into bed with a showing of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” the cartoon on VHS.

9:45 pm Transfer a sleepy Lorelei into her bed and leave Abigail dozing off in Ooma’s bed.

10:00 pm While Auntie Val cooks, Ooma makes mad dash across town to retrieve Sparkle Bow

10:30 pm Kids sleeping, Ooma and Auntie Val sit down to dinner

11:30 pm Ooma and Auntie Val realize they’re asleep sitting up and go to bed.

3:00 am Abigail wakes up for some reason nobody will ever understand

dec183:03 am Across the house and behind a closed door, Lorelei wakes up, also for reasons nobody will ever understand.

3:05 am Ooma and Abigail listen to Auntie Val and Lorelei on the monitor. It’s possible that another bottle was engaged in the effort to get Lorelei back to sleep.

3:10 am Lorelei is asleep. Abigail’s hair is in her eyes because Ooma forgot to braid it.

3:12 am Ooma crawls around on bedroom floor in the dark trying to find the elastic ponytail holder.

3:15 am Hair is braided.

3:16 am Abigail sneezes and needs a tissue.

3:18 am Abigail’s tissue issues are satisfactorily addressed.

3:20 am Abigail needs to go potty

3:23 am Abigail experiences great distress because she needs to brush her teeth.

3:30 am Back in bed, Abigail realizes she needs her tissue again

3:33 am While trying to find tissue, Ooma accidentally hits Abigail in the nose with her arm

3:34 am The dog, Angel, leaps onto the bed, exhibiting great concern over Abigail’s tears.

3:45 am Tears are dried and Abigail tells Ooma about the very best part of the Grinch movie – when his heart grows bigger. Ooma agrees completely.

3:48 am Abigail discovers that her eyes don’t work, so she won’t be able to go back to sleep.

3:53 am “Really Ooma? If I don’t go to sleep Santa will put me on the naughty list?”

3:58 am “What’s grouchy, Ooma?”

3:59 am “Ooma, why are you feeling grouchy?”

dec174:10 am  Abigail accidentally (?) hits Ooma in the nose with her elbow. I am not admitting to tears, but will note that the dog showed considerably less concern over my pain.

4:15 am  Ooma and Abigail imagine a forest filled with candy cane trees on the way to the North Pole and try counting candy canes in a last-ditch attempt to get Abigail’s eyes to work.

4:24 am Ooma meets Lorelei in the living room. Yet another bottle is employed in the losing battle to get some sleep.

4:35 am It’s a miracle! Abigail’s eyes do work after all. She returns to a blissful sleep. Ooma discovers, however, that the eye disease is catching. She gets up to clean the kitchen.

Note: Lorelei never did go back to sleep after the last time, which means that she will probably fall asleep the minute she gets into the car for the Christmas trip to Missouri. Which also means that she’ll probably be wide awake for the overnight portion of the drive.  You’re welcome, Mom and Dad!

I love sleepovers!!!!!

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