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Reality Bites

Valerie and I just took the dog for a walk. This isn’t new for me. I’ve been taking the dog for a walk almost every day for a while now. But Valerie’s work schedule has made it hard for her to get out there with us.

Now that she’s working a day schedule, it’s easier, and the other day we decided to walk together when she gets home from work. Which is great!

So today was our first day. We put on our walking shoes and sallied forth, following one of the routes I take quite often. When I’m out there with Angel by myself, going all the way past the school and out to the stop sign where our neighborhood meets the next one feels like a long walk. Walking to the school feels like a nice, moderate walk — 30 minutes probably.

I’ve felt quite proud of how far I’ve been going, and I keep telling myself to time it so I can be sure I’m really going as far as I think — but I usually take off my glasses before I walk, and that makes it hard to read the screen on my phone, so timing the walk somehow always falls by the wayside — because, of course, I never think of it before I walk out the door, while I can still clearly see things like clock faces and phone screens.

Well, today, with Valerie by my side, another set of eyes, and another brain for remembering all those good intentions, we finally timed the walk. Is my walk to the school and back a good 30 minutes? No. More like 10. Is my walk all the way out to the stop sign the hour I thought? No. 15 minutes from here to the stop sign. If I go all the way there and back, I get the full 30 minutes I thought I’d been getting by going half that distance.

Sometimes you’d rather not know …. y’know?

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