100 Things Before I Die: #1

Top on my list of the 100 things I want to do before I die is to Develop an Active Lifestyle.In one way, I could almost say that I’ve achieved that already. I mean, when you consider how inactive I was a few years ago, I’m practically an Olympic athlete now. I try to walk the dog every day. Don’t always succeed, but I get out there more days than I don’t. 

Recently, thanks to a couple of friends, I was able to achieve another goal (this one not on my list) when I got a bike. When I was a kid, I loved riding my bike. My sister and I would hop on our bikes and ride all over Billings, MT, where we grew up. When I think about it now, I kind of shudder. there’s no way parents today could feel safe letting their kids take off with a wave and a reminder to be home before dark. But that’s the world I grew up in and I’ve been wanting to get back on a bike for a long time. I don’t go far yet, but I get out there every few days and ride like a kid again (in my head, at least!)

I’m not ready to check it off the list yet, but it’s a work in progress. 

from the blog Waxing the Turtle

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