Get Moving, Today's Progress

It Must be Spring

I know it’s just the very earliest days of winter. I know we have to wait until the end of March for the official start of spring. But today on our walk (yes, we went for the full 30 minutes) it sure looked like spring is right around the corner. I snapped this picture with my phone because I thought the sky and the trees were so pretty. I guess I’m still a little in awe of the whole palm tree experience. What you can’t see as well is the new growth on the trees in the foreground. Everywhere I look, there are soft, tender green needles sprouting on the trees. Are they pines? They sure look like some kind of pine tree to me. 

I tried to get a little closer with the next picture, but it may still be hard to see. I know this is probably old hat for a lot of people, but I’m completely fascinated by anything that grows during the month of January. I’m also amazed by pansies in November and the massive hummingbirds we had around here in the fall.

Anytime I pry myself away from my desk or out of my chair and actually get out in nature, I’m amazed by the beauty and the complexity of the world we live in, and then I wonder why I don’t get outside more often.

There’s something so grounding about walking. It clears my mind, stretches my muscles a little, and primes my mental pumps. Thirty minutes out in the fresh air with the dog never fails to energize me, clear away the cobwebs, and wipe away whatever has been stressing me out.

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