Check-in January 14

A perfect 0 today. Not up, not down. Just maintained. That’s okay with me. I didn’t get in a lot of exercise this week. It was cold–too cold to walk the dog comfortably. Okay, I could have exercised if I’d been able to dredge up the energy to walk all the way across the room to the treadmill. That didn’t happen, though, and that’s probably because I didn’t sleep well this week. 

I’m currently ramping up toward my next deadline and I’m teaching another online workshop, which means two discussions a week of between 10 & 15 pages, answering all the questions the participants ask and critiquing all their assignments on top of everything else in a regular day. And I have things on my mind. Worrisome kinds of things that I can generally keep at bay during the day, but which rise up to bite me just as soon things quiet down at night. And with so much on my plate, I’ve been working until somewhere around 2:00 every morning, and back up again at 5:30 or 6:00 the next morning. 

Common wisdom is that our bodies need 8 hours of sleep in order to lose weight, and I didn’t get that this week. I’ve been getting about half of that, if I’m lucky. So I’m not surprised that I didn’t lose this week. 

Next week will be better.

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