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Genesis 27-28

Is it a bad thing to admit that I’m not sure how I feel about these two chapters? I’m not sure how I feel about God granting such huge blessings to people who trick and deceive and lie. Not that it matters how I feel. God has done what He’s done, and His reasons are just, as His reasons always are. But it would help if I could understand a little.

Why does Jacob get to keep the blessings he stole from Esau? Why, when he discovers the deception, does Isaac just throw up his hands and say, sorry Esau. Your brother stole what’s yours but there’s nothing I can do about it. Why does Esau have to beg several times for his father to toss him some scrap blessing? He’s not the one who lied and cheated.

Why, when Isaac was suspicious in the first place:

Genesis 27:21-22

21 And Isaac said unto Jacob, Come near, I pray thee, that I may feel thee, my son Whether thou be my very son Esau or not.

22 And Jacob went near unto Isaac, his father, and he felt him, and said, The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau. 

didn’t he take steps to be absolutely certain which son he was talking to. He was old and blind, but he could clearly hear the difference between Esau’s voice and Jacob’s. The fact that he felt a little hair (and really? Sheep’s wool felt like Esau’s hands? Seriously?)

Anyway, I don’t understand why Rebekah gets away with deceiving Isaac. I don’t understand why, in spite of the fact that Rebekah concocts this massive deception, Isaac still thinks it will be better for Jacob to avoid taking a wife from among the Canaanites and tells him to get a wife out of the same gene pool as his mother. Go find a cousin to marry, Jacob. Let’s not take any chances.

For me to make any sense of these two chapters, I have to believe that there was far more going on in this family and the world at this time than I understand. I have to accept the fact that God knows more than I do. I know that sounds like a duh! statement, but isn’t that what gets us into trouble? The unspoken belief that we have it all figured out? That we know more than God does? That He is letting us down when He doesn’t give us what we have decided we need? When He allows something to happen that we don’t understand?

We strut through life expecting God to conform to our expectations, and then we get angry with Him or stop believing when He doesn’t. We act as if God is a tool for us to use as we go through life, when the truth is exactly the opposite. We’re here to serve Him.

I may never understand why God allowed these things to happen between Esau and Jacob, Isaac and Rebekah, but God never said that I had to understand everything. He only said for me to trust Him and lean not unto my own understanding. For most of us, I think, that’s the challenge of believing. But, then, He never said it would be easy, did He?


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