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100 Things Before I Die: #16

Number 16 on my list of things I want to do before I die is an important one. I want to take my granddaughters to Disneyworld. Disneyland would be okay, too.

Four-plus years ago when Wonderkid #1 was lying in her incubator at the NICU and I was paying daily visits to read to her — long before the doctors allowed me to even touch her — I promised to take her to Disneyland. Planning for the future was my way of telling her I knew she’d survive all of the diseases that were ravaging her tiny little body. I wanted her to know that some day she would be big enough and strong enough to do wonderful, fun things, and that I would be there to do them with her.

Now, of course, Wonderkid #2 is here, and the promise has been extended to include her. She’s even getting big enough to enjoy the experience. By the time daddy gets home from his upcoming deployment, the timing should be just about perfect. So that’s my goal. Disneyworld before Christmas this year. Think I can make it?

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