Thinking Out Loud

Ten Things on my Mind This Morning

  1. Why are bad habits so easy to pick up and so hard to break? 
  2. Why are good habits so hard to form and so easy to break?
  3. Why do people assume that overweight people don’t know anything about nutrition? Seriously. Actually, most overweight people know more about nutrition than those who aren’t overweight because our weight consumes us day in/day out.
  4. Why do so many Hollywood types assume the rest of us are stupid? (Yes, I’m watching a show right now that contains so many obvious plot twists, my four year-old granddaughter could have seen all the “surprises” coming.)
  5. Would I rather risk it all so that either I succeed brilliantly or go down in flames, or sail safely through life in the middle of the pack? 
  6. Why do we allow one negative comment to wipe out dozens of positive ones?
  7. Why is it so hard to start the treadmill but so easy to log in to Facebook? 
  8. Why does the weight loss journey always seem to be three pounds down, two pounds up? 
  9. Am I ever going to reach my goal weight? 
  10. How much longer am I going to procrastinate getting to work this morning?

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