Get Moving, Getting Real, Struggles

Checking in 11/17/2013

I’m not sure why getting a little exercise is such a chore for me. I’m not a fan of heat, and I’m not a fan of sweating. I’m sure that has something to do with it. I’ve been diagnosed as having anxiety disorder, and when that raises its ugly little head (which it does without warning and in the most inconvenient places) I am miserable. I can be in the middle of the grocery store, break out in an anxiety-induced sweat, and have to find a place to sit with a cup of ice pressed to the back of my neck until it passes. I’ve passed out before–in the middle of a writer’s conference, while having a conversation with my editor. Not cool. Not cool at all. So for me, there’s nothing positive about breaking out in a sweat, or feeling overheated.

I live along the Gulf Coast where the weather is beautiful from October until April, and hideous from May through September. When the weather heats up and the humidity rises, I have to have a really good reason to leave the air-conditioned comfort of my home. Every year that I’ve lived here, just about the time the weather begins to moderate enough for me to think I could walk to the corner and back, people start reporting bear sightings in town. I haven’t heard of one in my exact neighborhood yet, but there are plenty of woods around my house–woods that look like great bear territory, and apparently that’s all the incentive I need to forget about taking that much-needed walk.

I’m sure my weight loss journey would go much faster if I could get myself up and moving, and I’m going to work on that–I swear I am. Meanwhile, I did manage to lose 4.3 pounds in the past month, and that’s while traveling. If I can lose weight during a girls’ week with friends, I’m going to count those 4.3 pounds as a major success.

My eye is on that 134-pounds lost goal. It’s not my final goal, but it’s the next step in my journey.

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