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The Month of Cake, Cake, Cake and Pie

In my family, September is known as the month of cake, cake, cake and pie. We have four birthdays in the month, and those are just the ones in our immediate family. If you count aunts, uncles, grandparents and anniversaries, the month is packed.

We start out in grand style, with my birthday coming first. Daughter #2 was born a couple of weeks later, and she claims that her birthday celebration begins the day after mine. In her head, her birthday celebration continued until her sister’s birthday at the tail end of the month. It did, that is, until her first daughter was born the day after her birthday, effectively cutting her celebration from roughly 3 weeks to a mere two. Life is tough.

At some point, we stopped having birthday cake after dinner and even after school, and we switched to cake and ice cream for breakfast. I mean, what the heck, right? It’s only four days out of the month.

By the time we get to Daughter #1’s birthday, however, we’re all pretty caked out, which is why the last birthday has traditionally been pie day. Nothing puts a downer on a birthday party quicker than a family sitting around a table picking at cake they really don’t want to eat. Her favorite pie is Marie Callender’s blueberry cream pie, but since we now live about a gazillion miles from the closest Marie’s, we’ve had to make a few changes in the past few years.

This year, we’ve had to make even more adjustments, thanks to my recent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. Cake, cake, cake and pie is pretty much off the table–although, a dear friend did manage to find a sugar-free chocolate cake at Publix that was actually pretty delicious. A bit crumbly, but delicious and satisfying and not so loaded with carbs that a teeny, tiny slice was out of the question.

My granddaughter is concerned about my health and says she’s willing to give up her birthday cake for a fruit smoothie, which I think is sweet, but maybe a bit too sweet to be healthy.

We’re still finding our way around this diabetes thing, and though I’ve had a few rough days, it hasn’t been too rough overall. And maybe by next year I’ll have a better handle on exactly what I can eat without worry and what I should avoid.

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