Oh Knock it Off!

First there was the controversy over Starbucks’ seasonal coffee cup. Folks were supposedly outraged–outraged, I tell you–over the red cups with no Christmas markings on them. People all over Facebook and Twitter were going crazy over the whole thing. Not the people who were protesting the red cups, but the people who were protesting the people who were allegedly protesting the red cups.


Supposedly, Evangelical Christians everywhere were up in arms. Which is interesting, since I’m friends with a whole bunch of Evangelical Christians, and I never heard a peep out of any one of them over the allegedly controversial red cup issue.

I heard a whole bunch from people calling Evangelical Christians names for feeling something someone else said they felt, but I never heard one of them say they actually felt it.

Now we have a brouhaha stirring over Reese’s Peanut Butter Christmas trees. Or at least someone’s trying to stir up a controversy. I suspect it’s someone who wants what happened to Starbucks to happen to Reese’s. You know … once a thing becomes A Thing everybody wants to weigh in and suddenly everybody talking about Starbucks or Reese’s or whatever.

Now I’m not saying that Starbucks started the whole red cup controversy, but someone did, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Evangelical Christians. And I’m not saying that Reese’s started the peanut butter Christmas tree controversy, but someone did, and I can’t figure out why anybody would care enough about a blob of chocolate-covered peanut butter to raise a stink. I mean, it’s not like you buy a Reese’s anything to spend time admiring the aesthetics. It’s all about the taste.

I suspect that a good many people have been had by someone, and it’s possible that a good many people are fixin’ to be had by some other people–whoever they are–who want us all to all race out and buy a peanut butter tree to see if it actually looks like a tree.

If you’re already a Starbucks fan, by all means buy your cup, write your clever whatever on the side and post it on your Facebook or Twitter account. If you were going to buy Reese’s peanut butter trees anyway, buy them and see what you think. Just don’t go buy them because of the controversy.

Whoever these people are, don’t egg them on. Please! For the good of humanity, do not encourage this behavior!

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