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The Story Behind the Name

It’s week 3 of my blog challenge here on Waxing the Turtle, and today’s prompt is a little easier: The Meaning of my Business Name. The only question is, which one do you want?

Hanging Plants 01 Unsplash smallAs I mentioned last week, my first business venture was an enterprise called Lotsa Knots, a macramé business I ran out of my home. I made plant hangers, which I then sold to the family floral business, which they then sold to the public. I think the name of that business is fairly self-explanatory. To create the macramé hangers, I tied lots of knots.

As an author, I’m owner of an enterprise, I call Sherry Lewis Books, which is also self-explanatory. Not much of a story there. My name is Sherry Lewis. I write books for a living.

DancingOnCoals.logo.paypalBut I’ve also taught classes on writing and provided critiquing and editing services to other writers for the past two decades, and there is a bit of a story behind the name of that business. The name of my business is Dancing on Coals, a website for the fiction writer. For many years, I taught workshops, both in person and online, about the craft of writing. Though I don’t do as many workshops these days, I still do teach, provide an editing/critiquing service, and have turned those workshops into books on the craft of writing.

Coals Unsplash 01 smallThe name came about from a conversation with the woman who was my partner in the early days of the workshop-giving business. We wanted to find and maintain joy ourselves in the act of writing, and we wanted to help other writers to find joy in the writing process, as well. One day, my partner said that she wanted to be able to do things that felt impossible to her at that time. “Like when people walk across hot coals,” she said.

Dancing 01 Unsplash smallI wanted to take it even a step further. I wanted to help other writers to dance across hot coals, to write as if no-one would ever read a word, to shed their self-doubts and inhibitions and experience unbridled joy in the act of creating,

And that’s how the name of my business was born more than 20 years ago. I don’t know if I’ve succeeded in helping anyone dance across the hot coals of the creative process, but I have tried and I continue to try. I tell myself that’s what really matters. I hope I’m right!


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