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Just Between You and Me…

It’s week 5 of my blogging commitment, and this week’s prompt is My Guilty Pleasure, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I don’t know that I actually have a “guilty” pleasure, I Guilty Pleasureslearned a long time ago, through one of the most painful experiences of my lie, that if you’re doing something you can’t (or don’t want to) shout from the rooftops, you’re setting yourself up for a whole lot of unhappiness. I gave up all the stuff I’d really feel guilty about a long time ago. And trust me, I had a few. So unless you qualify the word “guilty” as “something I know other friends might judge me for and find me wanting,” I’ve got nothing to say this week.

But let’s assume that’s how you qualify the word. In that case, I’ve got a few. Because, let’s face it, in spite of all the talk about becoming more accepting and less judgmental, more Deepish Thoughts 01tolerant and less hateful, despite all the laws passed with the hope of making the world a better place, the world in general is becoming a whole lot more angry, hateful and judgmental, not less. A person can’t even peel a banana without being told by someone somewhere that they’re doing it wrong. As a society, we’re so into shaming one another publicly over our beliefs, our political views, and our fashion choices, it’s not even slightly amusing anymore.

I think it’s because people haven’t figured out that the more Bob tries to force Tom to think like him, the more Tom resists. The more Tom resists, the angrier and more determined Bob becomes to force Tom to be what he thinks Tom should be. Bob usually labels this “reasonable” but that just means “like me.” The more forceful Bob becomes, the more resentful and angry and determined not to be like his friend and neighbor Tom becomes, and he starts trying to force Bob to “see the light” from his perspective, and we just keep circling around and around, getting angrier and more resentful all the time. And before you start thinking who is Bob and who is Tom in my head, stop right there because everybody is Bob and everybody is Tom. That’s what makes this whole thing so crazy.

But I digress. We’re talking about my guilty pleasures…Here they are.

TV smallReality TV: Not all of it, by any means. I’m not into shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, or any of the Real Housewives franchises. I do, however, like Dancing With the Stars and sometimes So You Think You Can Dance and I’m fascinated by shows that conduct social experiments, like Big Brother and (sometimes) Survivor. I enjoy The Amazing Race, and I really like shows that look into the lives of people with different lifestyles like Life Below Zero and Alaska, the Last Frontier and (go ahead and judge me) Sister Wives.  Hey, it’s my job to understand what makes people tick, remember? I can’t do my job if the only people whose psyches I can peer into are people just like me. Besides, what a narrow, confining, unpleasant world that would be.

UK-flag._V192206992_Subcategory–British TV: Sorry, American friends, but on the whole I prefer British TV to American. I think the shows are (in general) smarter, better written, more subtle and less in-your-face, and in my book, that’s a very good thing.

Books: I know this probably sounds like a weird choice, but I like all different kinds of books. Some of my mystery-loving friends would be appalled to know that I read romance, some of my romance-reading friends would be appalled to know that I enjoy Books 01 Unsplash smallreading classics, and some of my literary-novel reading friends would no doubt be appalled to know that I enjoy genre fiction. And here’s the real shocker. Hold onto your hats, friends who believe: I do not like most inspirational fiction, whether it’s general Christian fiction or LDS fiction, Yes, I have friends who write the books. Doesn’t matter. In my opinion (and only in my opinion) most of them are too sweet and too heavy-handed (see notes about preferring subtle TV shows above.) I rarely–so rarely it borders on never–read inspirational fiction unless I’m judging contest entries.

Soda Pop Unsplash small“Special” Drinks: This is the name my daughter and her husband gave to soda or any other carbonated or flavored drink when their kids were really little, and it’s the name that has stuck in my head ever since. I have, in recent years, realized that “Special” Drinks are my love language–or at least one of them. Bring me a Diet Blackberry Limeade from Sonic, and I’ll know you love me. Yes, I know the health benefits of water. Yes, I know it’s healthy to give up carbonation–and I have, for the most part. That’s why this qualifies as a “guilty” pleasure.

My long-standing crush on Kurt Russell.  Do I really need to elaborate? Do I need to explain why? I mean…look at him. He’s Kurt Russell, for heaven’s sake! He’s really my only celebrity crush, and I’m not obsessed or anything. I couldn’t tell you when he was 60c8c-800px-kurt_russell_1born, or where, or the name of his siblings, or even whether he has any. I couldn’t really tell you anything about his private life (except that, for some reason, he prefers Goldie Hawn to me, but that might just be because he’s never actually met me). What slays me is that when my writing career began, he was young enough to play the heroes in my romance novels (and yes, a few of them were semi, loosely based on him, or at least my perception of him) and now, all these years later, he’s old enough to play Fred, the senior sleuth protagonist in my first mystery series. I’m not sure how that happened.

I’m sure I could come up with a few more “guilty” pleasures if I tried hard enough, but I’ve given your 4 1/2 (which, really, is almost 5.) I think that’s enough, don’t you?

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