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My Proudest Moment

It’s week 12 of my personal blog challenge, and this week’s prompt is My Most Proud Moment.

3de86-abigail092506010Goodness! How do you pick just one? Do I pick the moment I became a mom for the first time, or for the second? Do I pick the moment I turned from an ordinary mom into an Ooma with the birth of my first grandchild, or my second? How about when my very young daughter and her brand-new husband held their marriage together while their tiny daughter spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU?

Call Me MomDo I pick the moment I had a career success, like selling my first book or seeing my first book on the shelf at Barnes & Noble? How about when I was elected to the board of directors of Romance Writers of America, or when I was elected President-Elect? Or when I faced my biggest fear and stood on a stage in front of 2,000 people, with my face plastered on two big-screen TVs over the course of 4 days, delivering speeches and introducing other speakers?

Or do I pick a moment that wasn’t about me at all, but a moment that one of my children rose to a challenge? Watching my youngest navigate through the traffic of San Antonio and realizing that capable young woman was my baby? Listening to my oldest daughter give a talk in church and realizing that spirit-filled young woman 1a3a8-sany1014-2was my child? Watching my son-in-law handle himself and guide his family through the challenges they faced after leaving the military and returning to civilian life? Watching my daughter keep her home together on a shoe-string and go back to work for the first time in a decade? Watching my oldest face challenges in her workplace, learn hard truths about herself, and rise above them?

Or would it be the times I’ve managed to get over my hurt feelings and forgive someone who hurt me in ways others might consider unforgivable? Or when I managed to lose 120 pounds? Or the first time I conquered my fear and sang lead on vocals back in my band days? Or when I sang a solo in church? Or the first time I conducted  a writing workshop for more than 200 people. Or when a former boss told me  Placeholder Imagea computer program I wrote (completely self-taught, hit-and-miss, trial-and-error, without a single class in programming) had been tweaked a bit and was still being used by the government for its court calendaring system?

In a lifetime that spans six decades so far, I’ve had many proud moments. I suspect I’ll have many more in the future. Each of those moments is special in its own way, which makes it impossible to pick just one. What I can say is that although some of them were challenging, and some frightening, I wouldn’t give up a single one of them. Those challenges and learning experiences, with all their accompanying bumps, bruises, scars and quirks, have made me who I am today. They all deserve a spot at the top of the list.

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