Before and After

It occurred to me that some people might want to see the steps along the way–where I started when I was at my heaviest, where I got to, and where I am now. 

This picture (which I love and hate at the same time) was taken at my daughter’s wedding. 
June 2006

A little over a year later and down 75 pounds 
October 2010. 


With my daughter and her father, down 120 pounds and sporting some mighty fine stains
on my t-shirt (sigh).
June 2011
I can’t find a single picture taken of me in 2012. Hmmm…
The most recent picture I’ve been in, up a little from the photo above, but still down 110 pounds. I’m the first person on your left as you look at the picture.
October 2013

Still a work in progress. Still have a ways to go, but still on the journey and that’s what matters!