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The Story Behind the Name

It's week 3 of my blog challenge here on Waxing the Turtle, and today's prompt is a little easier: The Meaning of my Business Name. The only question is, which one do you want? As I mentioned last week, my first business venture was an enterprise called Lotsa Knots, a macram√© business I ran out… Continue reading The Story Behind the Name

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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

It's week 2 of my blogging commitment here on Waxing the Turtle, and today's prompt is to share 20 facts about myself with all of you. Good grief. Finding 20 semi-interesting facts to share might take me the rest of my natural life. I had planned to post this a couple of days ago, but… Continue reading More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

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The Value of Summer Traditions

This weekend, my grandkids are coming for a month-long visit. It's the second year in a row they've come in the summer to spend significant time with Older Daughter and me, and we're as excited as if we were heading for Christmas morning. When Older Daughter was quite young, and her two oldest cousins were… Continue reading The Value of Summer Traditions

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Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasure: I admit to liking "reality" shows about people who live in the wilderness. It's so totally NOT something I would ever want to do, I'm fascinated, especially by the women. I am a creature of comfort. I freely admit that if a hurricane approaches this area and the A/C goes out, I would… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures


Why I Think Participation Trophies are a Bad Idea

I have a bunch of things circling around in my mind that are, apparently, keeping me from working today. I don't really want to talk about them because I've made it a point to not discuss politics online, and so far I've managed to keep that vow. Recently, I stopped watching the national news. This… Continue reading Why I Think Participation Trophies are a Bad Idea

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Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday

It's my birthday today, so I'm in a reflective mood. It's not a milestone birthday, and it doesn't look to be a remarkable day in any way. I'll spend most of the day alone, doing unremarkable things, like working and paying bills and running errands. I've already started getting good wishes for the day on… Continue reading Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday


Yearnings & Gratitude

I get homesick. A lot. I miss my family, both those in Missouri and those in Utah. I miss family get togethers. I miss lunches with my sister and hanging out with my granddaughters. I miss going to the grandkids' birthday parties and showing up at the door with cake and ice cream for their… Continue reading Yearnings & Gratitude


I’m Wishing

I'm adding this to the list of things I need. Not want, mind you. Need. I'm sure it ranks right up there with a roof over my head and food on the table. Heat. Lights. You know...the necessities of life. I mean, it's books!¬†With actual words from the books. Take a close look and you'll… Continue reading I’m Wishing

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My Goals for 2016 – Physical

Do you set goals at the beginning of each new year? I used to be really good about doing it, but in recent years I've lost something. To begin with, I lost the calendar I used to get every year, which I loved. It had space at the beginning of each year for making predictions… Continue reading My Goals for 2016 – Physical