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My Proudest Moment

It's week 12 of my personal blog challenge, and this week's prompt is My Most Proud Moment. Goodness! How do you pick just one? Do I pick the moment I became a mom for the first time, or for the second? Do I pick the moment I turned from an ordinary mom into an Ooma… Continue reading My Proudest Moment

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Memories May be Beautiful…and Yet

Waving hello from the one little corner of Florida that wasn't blown apart by Hurricane Irma, and back with another entry in my 31-week blog challenge. This week's prompt is to share an old picture of me. My options are limited because most of the old picture of me aren't in digital format, and I… Continue reading Memories May be Beautiful…and Yet

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What I Like About Me

It's week #6 of my personal blogging challenge, and today's prompt is 3 Personality Traits I'm Proud Of. I think this is probably a difficult topic or most of us because, in general, I think most people focus on their weaknesses rather than their strengths. It would be easier, I think, to list three physical… Continue reading What I Like About Me

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Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday

It's my birthday today, so I'm in a reflective mood. It's not a milestone birthday, and it doesn't look to be a remarkable day in any way. I'll spend most of the day alone, doing unremarkable things, like working and paying bills and running errands. I've already started getting good wishes for the day on… Continue reading Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday

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My Goals for 2016 – Physical

Do you set goals at the beginning of each new year? I used to be really good about doing it, but in recent years I've lost something. To begin with, I lost the calendar I used to get every year, which I loved. It had space at the beginning of each year for making predictions… Continue reading My Goals for 2016 – Physical

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Why I Don’t Mind Saying "Happy Holidays"

I know this may make me unpopular with some of my Christian friends, but I really don't mind saying, "Happy Holidays" to people at this time of year. It's not that I want to take Christ out of Christmas. Far from it. But in my opinion, there's nothing about wishing someone a happy holiday that… Continue reading Why I Don’t Mind Saying "Happy Holidays"

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The Acorn and the Tree

I change blog backgrounds and layouts the way some people rearrange furniture. I'm never satisfied. I'd really like to find a look that's just . . . me . . . and stick with it. A brand, if you will. But I still haven't been able to find one that suits me for longer than… Continue reading The Acorn and the Tree

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Feel Like Dancing?

My daughter posted this video on her Facebook account yesterday, so I watched it. I wondered if it was Alex Boye's version which has been, to date, my favorite version of this song. Alex's music, in general, makes me smile, which is saying something since I've been in a war with music for the past ten… Continue reading Feel Like Dancing?

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I’m Not Buying It

I don't know about you, but commercials on TV drive me crazy. Yeah. I know. I sound like a grumpy old lady. But seriously. Have you paid attention to ads lately? Let's start with ads for Viagra and other assorted male sex drive enhancers -- especially the one where a sexy young woman looks right at… Continue reading I’m Not Buying It

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To Moo is Bovine

My daughter sent me a link to a news article the other day that in my opinion can only be filed in the "Are You Kidding Me?" section of News of the Weird. Apparently, some people (you know who you are) are trying to blame global warming on -- get this -- cow burps.  Yes.… Continue reading To Moo is Bovine