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The Value of Summer Traditions

This weekend, my grandkids are coming for a month-long visit. It's the second year in a row they've come in the summer to spend significant time with Older Daughter and me, and we're as excited as if we were heading for Christmas morning. When Older Daughter was quite young, and her two oldest cousins were… Continue reading The Value of Summer Traditions

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Feel Like Dancing?

My daughter posted this video on her Facebook account yesterday, so I watched it. I wondered if it was Alex Boye's version which has been, to date, my favorite version of this song. Alex's music, in general, makes me smile, which is saying something since I've been in a war with music for the past ten… Continue reading Feel Like Dancing?

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Quotes to Live By

What are your Top Ten favorite quotes?   1. "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." Henry Ford This is so true, and I've seen it in action many, many times. I've watched talented writers fall off the grid because they believe they can't write. I've seen less… Continue reading Quotes to Live By


100 Things Before I Die: #8

This next item on my list of 100 Things I Want to do Before I Die is purely for fun. It has absolutely no redeeming social value. There's no deep spiritual meaning.  No, this item is strictly self-indulgent. Before I die (and hopefully before I get too old to appreciate the experience) I'd like to… Continue reading 100 Things Before I Die: #8