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Genesis 41-46

I’m not sure how many times the story of Joseph and his brothers has been made into a movie, but I know of at least three and I’m sure there are probably more. It’s a great story. It’s filled with drama—love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, plenty and lack – but most of all, forgiveness.… Continue reading Genesis 41-46

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Genesis 39-40

Joseph has been sold into slavery by his loving brothers and he winds up serving Potiphar, a captain of Pharoah's guard. Potiphar soon notices that the Lord is prospering everything Joseph puts his hand to and trusts all that he has to Joseph. In fact, he trusts Joseph so completely, he doesn't even pay attention… Continue reading Genesis 39-40

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Genesis 29-38

See? I knew it was a bad idea for Jacob to go searching for a wife among his mother's people. He travels back home and meets up with Uncle Laban and falls in love with Rachel, Uncle Laban's daughter. He asks Uncle Laban for Rachel's hand in marriage, and Laban agrees, but only if Jacob… Continue reading Genesis 29-38

Bible Study, Forgiving, Genesis, The Word

Genesis 25-26

So Abraham gets remarried and has at least six more children, but he gives all that he has to Isaac. I'm not sure what the other six sons got, but at least the children of Abraham's concubines got some gifts while Abraham was still alive. Eventually Abraham dies and Isaac and Rebekah plead with God… Continue reading Genesis 25-26

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Genesis 23-24

Sarah dies. She's old. She's had a full life. She dies, and Abraham has to find a place to bury his beloved wife in the land where they don't really belong. His negotiations for her burial place are recorded in detail, but I'm not sure why. It's interesting, but I don't think God included events… Continue reading Genesis 23-24

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Genesis 21-22

There's a lot of important stuff in these two chapters, as anybody who has ever read the Bible knows. This is where the whole middle-east mess got its start. One man. Two women. Two sons. Lots of envy and strife and junk going on. The ultimate dysfunctional family. Abraham and Sarah wanted children. Couldn't have… Continue reading Genesis 21-22