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The Brightest Light

I've been in a slump lately -- and by lately, I mean since 2004. Or 2000. Or 1996, depending on which of my old journals you happen to be reading. I've known for a while that I've been in a slump. Everything has been so difficult. I have no physical energy. I have no creative… Continue reading The Brightest Light

Spiritual, Trust

Exodus 3-4

Moses has fled Egypt and settled in a strange land. He's busy working here, tending his father-in-law's sheep. Life's good. He's happy, or at least content. And then one day, after he takes the flocks to Horeb (which the notes I made in the margins of my Bible tell me means "Desolation") God speaks to… Continue reading Exodus 3-4

Bible Study, Genesis, The Word, Trust

Genesis 39-40

Joseph has been sold into slavery by his loving brothers and he winds up serving Potiphar, a captain of Pharoah's guard. Potiphar soon notices that the Lord is prospering everything Joseph puts his hand to and trusts all that he has to Joseph. In fact, he trusts Joseph so completely, he doesn't even pay attention… Continue reading Genesis 39-40