Exodus 35-40

In Chapter 35, Moses puts out a call for volunteers to build the tabernacle the Lord has commanded Moses to build for Him. The Lord has given Moses detailed instructions: this many curtains, exactly this size; this many hooks made exactly this way. Moses goes to the children of Israel and asks for donations. Bring… Continue reading Exodus 35-40


Exodus 33-34

The Lord promises to be with the children of Israel. This is a promise He's made before, but He seems to be renewing his promise now, after the recent events that almost resulted in the children of Israel getting themselves wiped off the face of the earth. Moses is instructed to move the carefully constructed… Continue reading Exodus 33-34

Gratitude, Spiritual

Exodus 31-32

So Moses is up on Mount Sinai receiving God's laws and commandments for his people. He's up there for forty days and forty nights -- which, when you think about it, is a little while to be cut off completely from all communication with the folks left behind. No cell phone. No text messages. No… Continue reading Exodus 31-32


Exodus 25-30

God gives the Israelites a lot of direction in these chapters about how to build a tabernacle, how to construct the mercy seat, how many panels of curtains to place on the columns, how many columns to build, how tall and wide everything is to be. I have to confess that I got a little… Continue reading Exodus 25-30


Exodus 21-24

The Israelites are still gathered and God is giving them some laws to live by. These aren't the flat-out DON'T rules, these are IF YOU DO IT THIS WAY, WHAT THEN? rules. If you buy a servant, set him free in the seventh year--unless he has taken a wife, then do this, unless the wife… Continue reading Exodus 21-24


Exodus 18-20

In Chapter 18 of Exodus, Jethro comes to visit Moses in the wilderness. He brings with him Moses' wife and his sons. Now, I always thought that Moses and the Israelites were wandering around in the wilderness lost. Apparently, they weren't lost in the way I thought they were since Jethro knew where to find… Continue reading Exodus 18-20


Exodus 15-17

The Israelites have escaped Pharaoh and now they're wandering in the desert. They're excited and happy. They sing songs of praise to God and to Moses. In Chapter 15 of Exodus, they're full of praise. They're singing. They're dancing. They're shouting for joy. 2 The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become… Continue reading Exodus 15-17


Exodus 11-14

At the end of Chapter 10, Pharaoh told Moses to leave and never come back, and Moses agreed to go away. Now, after all the other plagues God visited upon Egypt, God tells Moses that He has one more plague in store. After He sends this one, God says, Pharaoh will not only let the children… Continue reading Exodus 11-14


Exodus 7-10

Chapters 7 and 8 of Exodus look pretty familiar to me from years of watching The Ten Commandments. God tells Moses what to do and say, and he and Aaron return to Pharaoh again and again, turning Moses' rod into a serpent, turning the rivers into blood, bringing on the plagues of frogs, lice, and… Continue reading Exodus 7-10


Exodus 5-6

Moses asks Pharaoh to let his people go so they can travel three days into the wilderness and then offer sacrifices to their God. Sounds like a reasonable request to anyone who believes in the God of Abraham, but it doesn't sound reasonable to Pharaoh. Pharaoh gets angry. If the people have so much idle… Continue reading Exodus 5-6