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My Proudest Moment

It's week 12 of my personal blog challenge, and this week's prompt is My Most Proud Moment. Goodness! How do you pick just one? Do I pick the moment I became a mom for the first time, or for the second? Do I pick the moment I turned from an ordinary mom into an Ooma… Continue reading My Proudest Moment

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If I Won the Lottery

It's week 11 of my personal blogging challenge, and this week's prompt is If I Won the Lottery. I skipped last week. I'm sure you all noticed. I'm sure you were all desperately disappointed. I blame Hurricane Nate. Or maybe I blame the fact that I wasn't overly enthusiastic about this topic. I mean, I'm never going… Continue reading If I Won the Lottery

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10 of My Favorite Foods

Well, okay. This week's prompt is to talk about our favorite foods. And not just one or two. No, I have to come up with 10 things I would classify as favorites. Hmmm...  This is either going to be easy or extremely difficult. I can't decide in advance. Number 1 is, of course, my mom's… Continue reading 10 of My Favorite Foods

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

It's week 4 of my personal blog challenge here on Waxing the Turtle, and this week's prompt is My earliest childhood memory, which is both fun and challenging. I had a great childhood for the most part. My parents created a great world for us to live in, took us on vacations every year and created… Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane

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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

It's week 2 of my blogging commitment here on Waxing the Turtle, and today's prompt is to share 20 facts about myself with all of you. Good grief. Finding 20 semi-interesting facts to share might take me the rest of my natural life. I had planned to post this a couple of days ago, but… Continue reading More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

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The Value of Summer Traditions

This weekend, my grandkids are coming for a month-long visit. It's the second year in a row they've come in the summer to spend significant time with Older Daughter and me, and we're as excited as if we were heading for Christmas morning. When Older Daughter was quite young, and her two oldest cousins were… Continue reading The Value of Summer Traditions

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Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday

It's my birthday today, so I'm in a reflective mood. It's not a milestone birthday, and it doesn't look to be a remarkable day in any way. I'll spend most of the day alone, doing unremarkable things, like working and paying bills and running errands. I've already started getting good wishes for the day on… Continue reading Thoughts on an Unremarkable Birthday


Yearnings & Gratitude

I get homesick. A lot. I miss my family, both those in Missouri and those in Utah. I miss family get togethers. I miss lunches with my sister and hanging out with my granddaughters. I miss going to the grandkids' birthday parties and showing up at the door with cake and ice cream for their… Continue reading Yearnings & Gratitude


10 Things I Love About Thanksgiving

I logged onto one of my professional profiles on Facebook this morning and found this memory waiting for me: I would say Happy Thanksgiving to all my FB friends in the US, but since I'm sitting here alone, in my daughter's house, working on a novel and watching her dog poop on the back lawn… Continue reading 10 Things I Love About Thanksgiving


Monika’s Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

This is a recipe I copied from my niece's blog, but since her blog is private, I can't just link to it. I'm posting this here mainly so I can remember the recipe and find it whenever my mood dictates. Monika says: These enchiladas taste great, but come out a little more like a casserole… Continue reading Monika’s Creamy Chicken Enchiladas